QB Times, back again, has a crush on QB Inquirer. It's true. Nightwolf, the editor, has a secret crush on the individuals surrounding and reporting for this magazine. We are glad however, that NightWolf, has decided to not show his passions toward our magazine, and has remained professional.

The Rumours, surrounding QB Times, also state that NightWolf keeps a self made logo of QB Inquirer above his bed each night. And that he occasional pecks a little kiss to it. The rumours, have never yet gone past the boundaries of sexual exhibitions or odd erotica.

You can see, in such evidence, where Nightwolf actually put OUR site up in SITE NEWS first....in the August (July?) edition of QBT. We are glad that this occurred, however it's likely not very many people will view it.

We'd just like to tell Nightwolf that as much as we'd like to say his passions and plans for a future with this mag are valid, we can only say that it can't work out. Nightwolf, we want a little space. Nightwolf, we like you better as a friend. And, if Nightwolf is still obsessed....Nightwolf, we practise beastiality.

In any case, why don't all you dudes go on down to the new QB Times at www.qbtimes.com.;-D