7/20/2K: The Wicked Past of NeoBASIC

NeoBASIC? I don't give a homosexual rat's colon tumor about NeoBASIC.
-Thomas Jefferson (Quote acquired posthumously)


...NeoBASIC...(sucks)...we...(kill people)...I...(hate mexicans)...


There was quite an uproar at my last report on the NeoBASIC syndicate. I received several death threats, but fortunately no obvious attempts.
I plan to make a few more accusations in this update:

The programmer and head of the famed Lost socK Software, Nekrophidius, was assaulted by a very serious virus, erasing the source to several of his major projects. The virus was traced to a free server based in Hong Kong under the company "Granzalez Systems". There is no other record of a Granzalez Systems anywhere. EXCEPT, a figure who was prowling IRC last week, whose IdentD was granzalez. He listed no email address, but went by the nick of Armada. He circulated one issue of Qb Herald, an obviously cheap ripoff of ours meant to defame several people. He alledgedly harrassed several people before disappearing. He made a few suspicious comments about Majiko, and he was using the same ISP as me, Skarab. This informaton proved vital. He made a serious error by posting on my board, ActiveQB, making a lame attempt at spamming (it is still there if you wish to see it). He claims to know me, though I severely doubt this. I got his IP, contacted the ISP, USOL.com, and managed to get another email address of his. It matched one left by someone posting on the NeoBASIC board. I then matched that IP, which was not USOL, to an IP of one of the admins (I shant say who) of NeoBASIC. There is the evidence, you make the judgement. Did NeoBASIC deliberately direct the owner of the server in China to hack Nekrophidius and kill his files?
NeoBASIC has hired someone to make a few unsuccessful tries at taking over IRC channel #quickbasic on EFNet. All of these were not seen as what they were by the ops. I suspect at least one of the #quickbasic regulars to be an agent of Marcade, and I no longer feel comfortable talking business in the open in any IRC channel.
NeoBASIC has stomped out many competitors over the years. I have no solid evidence other than the whispered tales of those who wish to remain anonymous. If NeoBASIC suspected some were still alive and well, they might threaten those people's familes.
Marcade is not the real leader of NeoBASIC. It is someone much smarter, much richer, and much stronger. I have a list of about four suspects. I warn you, I may publish these in my next report on the monopoly, but that may very well be my last report.

IRC Log Of Armada's Appearance
[Armada] Akujin: Your site makes me vomit. You see that on the floor? Vomit.
[Akujin] Armada: awww .. that hurt .. wait. No it didn't. I don't give a rats a** about your opinion.
[Akujin] i'm in a pissy a** mood .. so when someone insults me, i insult them back
[Armada] Akujin: I didn't insult you I insulted your crappy artist "talent".
[Akujin] Armada: i am .. an artist. You twit.
[Armada] Akujin: Your site design reeks of no effort.
[Akujin] Armada: uh .. huh .. you're just pissy because i don't like your lame excuse for a mag
[Armada] I have a newpaper, not a mag.
[Armada] And it is not lame.
[Eclipzer] that's not even close to a mag or a paper that's like uh just quotes
[Armada] quotes make the world go round
[Maz`ninja] Armada: you reek... full stop
[Akujin] it is lame .. any moron could do that.
[Eclipzer] and uh...its like a copy of a log
[Armada] Armada loves only the stench of the dead and the gaze of Majiko.
[Wyx] majiko?
[Armada] ...
[Armada] I am Armada!
[Wyx] What do you have to do with majiko?
[Armada] nothing...
[Armada] I write the Qb Herald!
* Armada writes the Qb Herald.
[mojbot] armada: shut. up. =P
[Eclipzer] Armada: duh
[Akujin] Armada: you really didn't write anything. You copied quotes.
[Armada] True quotes yes.
[Armada] Eclipzer couldn't draw if there was a pencil in his hand.
[Armada] hahahahahhaahaha
[Eclipzer] Armada: son, I bring the skillz when it comes to art
[Armada] You know who sucks at art?
[Armada] Skarab!

Link to the "Qb Herald", the stupid ripoff of Qb Inquirer.