Today, Gleb will wake up from a hang over, a hang over from an obvious overdose of alchohol. But at least he didn't accomplish getting into a bigger stage, a stage where parents have nitemares of their children doing. At least he is not a pascal programmer.

When asked, what five step program people would suggest a pascal programmer, we got this response from fiend-, "1. cyanide 2. cyanide 3. cyanide 4. cyanide 5. cyanide." We came to the conclusion that a pascal programmer would only need to accomplish taking cyanide 5 times.

When asked Skarab, we recieved the following answer, "1. Turn on computer 2. Start up your Pascal 3. Type some code 4. Look around at your disgusting life 5. Pick up that Glock and blow your fecking brains out."

"No answer, I don't wanna start the five step Get Beat up by Gleb program," stated Nova. Apparently, perhaps Gleb becoming drunk, was due to the fact he used Pascal. No, he didn't have any wine, or beer, or other alchoholic beverages, he just opened up his Pascal program.

"I use Pascal" stated 5h4d0w. In which case we offer many programs.

So don't get into Pascal. It's something extremely difficult to get into. And then get out. Sure, it might be good for a little while, but after a while, you're hooked.