It's been discussed by various expert programmers from the beginning of 
      time. The mentioning of the command sends shivers down their spines. They 
      hope that one day, the QB.EXE help file will be ammended so the evils that 
      lurk inside will be erased. There lies, one command, so hideous, so evil, 
      that if the newbies were to ever learn about it, it would be chaos.
      However, today on the QB Inquirer, we will be telling you of it. We 
      will be telling you of the LET command. That's right... the command that 
      was taken out of Pandora's Box to stroll into the world. The LET command 
      had originally been used by other compilers, aside from QB. It allowed 
      variables to equal something, now something that we can do automatically 
      without it.
      When asked respected members of the community how they feel on LET, we 
      were given these response. "heheh" was given by xms, in what was probably 
      an evil tone. He continued to say that, " I feel it has NO PLACE in our 
      nation's schools!" He then continued to say how Microsoft had left it 
      there for unexpecting newbies to trample over.
     Zack', when asked how he felt about LET, pleaded that he
     enjoyed LET when he was five. But our sources 
      could conclude, that maybe he just didn't ENJOY it, but he WAS ADDICTED TO 
      IT. YES! ADDICTED TO IT. LET is eviler than nicotine or alchohol, or Pauly 
      Shore movies. 
     We can't say the same for Nekro though, who finds a purpose in it. He 
      stated the following response, "LET serves a purpose", we can conclude 
      that Nekro USES LET. He continually stated other commands that were less 
      eviler than LET. For we know that he WORSHIPS it. We know he has a cult 
      devoted to it, and we know, yes we know, that it isn't any almighty spirit 
      who Nekro praises to each night, BUT A COMMAND. YES, A COMMAND! An evil 
      command from the epitimy of HELL!!!!! 
      And so it is, that we have unveiled the power of LET. The power that 
      shouldn't be coincided with any other evil power known to man. Use LET at 
      your own risk. We at QB Inquirer strongly suggest for anybody, who is 
      pregnate, under 10 years of age, or mentally disable to plug your ears and 
      shut your eyes when even mentioned to the term "LET". Not all is known 
      from the small time of it's existence. Y2K, Windows, the birth of 
      Microsoft, and the destruction of America's youth, can not yet be proven 
      to be cause from, but probably is, the word,