7/12/2K Gopus

1) What you want to do when you grow up? 

Have more sex? No .. err .. I don't wanna grow up. I'm
working as a programmer right now, and I wanna
advance in that area, become consultant, then
become architect or sumting, earn more money.
Marry my girlfriend, get kids and finally die. 

2) Do you think QBCM is subordinate compaired to QB Inquirer? 

QBCM? What's that? Every friggin' magazine starts of with QB I mix them up. Is that what 
M.Knight started off with? I liked that, unfortunately it died, I think? Anyway .. err.. the QB 
inquirer is your thing? .. but ..it's your thing .. it ain't a serious QB magazine, is it? .. what 
does subordinate mean, anyway? 

3) Are you gay? 

Is it relevant for you to know, Gopus? You got the hots for me? No, like I said in the first 
question, I got a girlfriend. So the best I can give you is, bisexual .. but .. i'm not bi either. I 
just am a straight person acting gay. 

4) Do you think your rpg will ever get finished? 

What RPG? I'm working on an RPG? 

5) Um, do you plan on using the LET command in QB? 

No, it's not necessary to use the LET command in QB.I did use it long long time ago, on my 
ZX-Spectrum, where it WAS required to use LET, but that's it .. 

6) Have you ever worshipped Danny Gump? 

No, I only used Dash once, for LR, and at the time, it annoyed the crap out of me, I never 
used it since. Dash improved mayorly though with time, Danny did a good job.I do not 
worship him. 

8) How bout Satan? 

.. I am not a religious person. I neither worship God or Satan. 

9) What about the Hinduitic god of destruction, Shiva? 

No .. I do not worship *any* God or goddess, Gopus. 

10) Do you plan on making an RPG? 

Err .. I might try *one* more time in QB . .(or I might already be trying) . . but I'm not gonna 
talk about a nice chick when the egg hasn't even be layed yet. 

13) Does your RPG have to do with a chick who hasn't hatched yet? 

I haven't started any RPG yet .. at most I might have started on a new RPG engine, but that's 

14) Well for peas sake, what the heck have you EVER done in QB that is worth while? 

Hey, that was insulting. I've made plenty in QB. I've made QFI (RPG),Project -X- (Pure pixel 
engine RPG), Blackness
16x16 (Pure pixel engine RPG, with a Tsugumoghost),Blackness 24x24 (Blast! RPG), 
Katsumi(DQB,GSLib RPG), .. and next to that I made,MDos (Typing thingo that was very 
cool), I made sensitive (Clone of the C-64 version of sensitive) .. I made several font engines, I 
made several Tile editors, A palette editor is up.[more] 

Not to mention my VB projects .. QB Viewer ..

NeoStar .. and ofcourse my Perl stuff .. the board ..neozones.com 

Oh, I forgot LR, RTS with Dash 

Low Radiation 

And I probably forgot more 

16) Well it's nice for you to brag that all to me, how would you feel if EvilBeavr took over QB 

What's QB Cult? I don't care. 

And you asked for that bragging. 

17) How would you feel if EvilBeavr went into a different dimension where people wear red 
and blue panties on their heads, and he ate cow poo and stuff like that? 

Once again, is this a relevant question, for crying out loud?! I'm not evilbeavers mommy or 
daddy. He can do what he wants .. =P 

19) A question perhaps EVERYONE wants to know, will NeoBasic EVER be updated with 
newmaterial now that hardly touch it? 

Err I think you forgot a 'you' in that question?

An articles section had been added lately, new NMP members are still joining, projects are 
still being added. Not much is gonna change to NeoBASIC, why? I am taking a 
webcreate/webhost/webanything/perl break. 

20) How do you feel on the topic of petanymphohomonecro-massacating-beastiality? 

petanymphohomonecro-massacating-beastiality??!! You got uncencored photo's of that?

And there you have it. A down to Earth conversation with Marcade.