the full second darkdread interview
skarab and gopus

[Skarab] Would you be up for a little interview for my mag right now?
[Gopus] Darkdread, we would be utterly delighted if we can interview you for our 'zine in order to make it popular again.
[DarkDread] yeah, sure... fire away.
[Skarab] k
[Skarab] 1) what is the last full RPG you released?
[DarkDread] That would be Mysterious Song... waay back in April/May of 2000.
[Skarab] 2) are you ever going to release another full game?
[DarkDread] Of course... The next one will be Mysterious Song DX, and the Secret of Cooey III.
[DarkDread] Both should be out this year.
[Skarab] will they be as bad as soc2?
[DarkDread] heheh... hey, I liked SoC2. :)
[DarkDread] No...
[Skarab] heh
[DarkDread] SoC3 is Final Fantasy style... and MSDX is a huge upgrade to the original MS.
[Skarab] does it hurt that no one cares anymore?
[DarkDread] Not many in the QB community do...
[DarkDread] but, we don't follow that scene anymore.
[DarkDread] We've got a big following outside of it though.
[Gopus] Hey that was mean...
[Skarab] shaddup gopus
[Skarab] 5) what does it feel like to be a failure?
[Gopus] you'll have to excuse Skarab.
[DarkDread] What do is feel like to not be able to spell failiure properly? :)
[DarkDread] do=does
[DarkDread] my bad.
[DarkDread] Skarab, be glad I'm not in a kicking mood today. :)
[Gopus] Entangled: I'm sorry...
[Gopus] Um
[Gopus] I'll ask questions instead, if you don't mind.
* Skarab goes to sit in a corner
[DarkDread] Heh, I don't mind.
[Gopus] 6) Even though you aren't with that scene, which qb site would you view, if you were?
[DarkDread] I do actually have a look at some QB sites every now and then.
[DarkDread] Mostly...
[DarkDread] I'll go to QB45.com just to see what's going on...
[DarkDread] and VPlanet as well.
[DarkDread] ...and yes... I still answer QB related questions in my e-mail all the time.
[Gopus] 7) Do you enjoy NeoBASIC?
[DarkDread] I haven't visited there in months. So, I couldn't really say.
[Gopus] 8) What would you like to say to the average newbie RPG programmer?
[DarkDread] It's not as easy as it looks...
[DarkDread] but... if you stick with it... you can get a lot accomplished.
[Gopus] 9) How do you feel that nodtveidt redid your code for Mystic Song and said it was rather sad looking?
[DarkDread] Uh... Mysterious Song... geez... it's not that hard to remember.
[DarkDread] I've never claimed to be obssessed with code though...
[DarkDread] I always code it to make sure it works, it doesn't use a lot of memory, and it's quick...
[DarkDread] why continue optimizing if it does the job?
[DarkDread] I leave that to others.
[DarkDread] ....and Nek isn't redoing any code for MS...
[DarkDread] Eclipzer is, for MSDX.
[Gopus] 10) Do you think this obvious proves that you trully are a failure?
[DarkDread] Geez man.... you just love tryin' to get a rise from someone don't you?
[DarkDread] Well...
[DarkDread] I'm the last person to be bothered with what others think.
[DarkDread] As long as I like the games I make...
[DarkDread] that's good enough for me.
[Gopus] 11) Are you saying that our editor is doing a bad job with our mag?
[DarkDread] If I release something I enjoy playing... that's success enough.
[DarkDread] heheh... I wouldn't know... I have yet to read it. :)
[Gopus] 12) Why is that?
[DarkDread] 'cause you haven't given me the URL yet, silly.
[Gopus] 13) How much radiation do you suppose goes into your sperm everytime you do a 24 hour RPG, disallowing any chance of your children having 2 eyes?
[DarkDread] I hate children...
[Skarab] Gopus you suck
[DarkDread] actually, no...
[DarkDread] children are good...
[DarkDread] with a fine barbaque sauce.
[Gopus] 14) Do you have a mullet?
[DarkDread] ugh... mullets... rednecks... ick.
[DarkDread] Ok...
[DarkDread] this is just getting lame now.
[Skarab] Let me take over Gopus
[Gopus] so be it
[Skarab] 15) Are you saying that if I have a mullet I am a redneck?
*** You were kicked by Entangled (if you're not gonna behave... don't come in here.)
[Skarab] gopus shall we?
[Gopus] yes, do the honors
[Skarab] this is what we in the biz call a "bit"
[Gopus] 16) Do you feel this lack of patience is rooted from a childhood experience?
[Gopus] anyways Entangled?
[Skarab] thanks DarkDread, you've been great. sorry for the silly interview...we need hits :)
[DarkDread] gee... I feel so exploited :/
* Skarab giggles
[Skarab] you're a minor cult celebrity, what do you expect?
[DarkDread] better of you :)