Majiko, perhaps the cockroach of the QB scene (and I mean that in a nice way), has made a site that recieved 400 hits in about 5 days. Majiko has created multiple, and an extreme amount of rpg demos.

In qb45.com, him and his associates even spammed the board due to a claimed attack by one of the more nicer members of the Majiko clan. He continued the attack on qb45.com by telling all the guests at his new site, to attack it, along with the Active QB Forum.

His attack towards qb45.com, however, have primarily ceased, assumably because he took them off the attack list. Even now, the site has a lot of guest. Mainly however from the disgruntled board spamming individuals. Yes, his board has been overraught with people posting garbage, porn, and people having various undoings with all sorts of things (horses, trees, etc).

In attempts to delay the spamming, Majiko claims to have contacted all the board services and tell them of Skarab's doings. Skarab, being the leader in the board spamming, happens to be one of our editors. He also happens to be the one who made Majiko's anger center around the Active QB Forum.

Well, if your cruis'n for a bruis'n, then why not head over to MajiKODE.com right now, hang a left at his NameZero banner and be redirected to his site now.