Just one day after our publication of the mysteries of the LET command, we were sent a confession concerning the KILL command. Of course, the rumors have been around for years, but until now there has only been speculation about the powers. We received this in email form:

The KILL command, however simplistic, was supposedly made to let BASIC programmers delete files(uninstall program creation?). However, I have reason to believe it is mnuch more nefarious. For, when I made an uninstaller in FirstBASIC, using the KILL command was simultaneous with the death of my dog! Next, my annoying 6th grade neighbor. Soon enough, my programming skill and finally, my sanity!!!!!!!! HELP ME OUT OF THE DARKNESS...NEVER USE KILL!!!!!!!!!


Now, we can finally acquire federal funding to investigate FirstBASIC's reputed EEEEVIL. I fully expect congress to establish a group of scientists to examine the FirstBASIC compiler. There may be a struggle with PowerBasic to secure the source, and we can only hope for the best. Thank you and God Bless Our Beloved Continent.