Religious Board on NeoBASIC set up to WORSHIP Marcade

Just a few weeks ago, NeoBASIC extremed their empire by making a religious board on their QB Site. NeoBASIC, if you'll remember, is a site created out of the genius mind of Marcade. But did Marcade create his site purposefully for the enhancement of young programming minds? Or did Marcade create it, so eventually he would chisel your beliefs and WORSHIP him?

You may say that the board is trivial and just a way to waste time, but it is NOT!!! They brainwash people, even intelligible logical people!!! NeoTiger (whom which we truthfully quoted), in the qb scene, said and I quote, "Tek is a lying SOB." This only moments after I conversed about the evils of this messageboard. It is obvious that NeoTiger is now a Marcade supporter! He worships Marcade now, even though he obviously didn't state it to protect his king.

When faced with the question of "What do you think of the religious messageboard on NeoBASIC?!?", Pasco didn't want to answer. It's obvious where Pasco's true loyalties lie. If he were to answer that it was good, then Neozonists everywhere would know he too, loves Marcade. But if he were to say he didn't like it, he'd be blaspheming Marcade!!!

When Wafn was asked the same question he respond with, "it's a wonderful way for senior citizens to get together and talk about bowling." Now if that doesn't express that the quoted was either brainwashed or thrown into walls as a child, I don't know what does. When leroy (the creator of QBCC) was asked the same thing, he said "stupidest thing i've ever seen." See, it is obviously dumb, but yet they have it.

Do you know what this means? It means that the board is brainwashing people even right now. It is no surprise to anyone that Marcade dislikes Tek and is obviously trying to destroy the fruits of his labor to have one of the best and intriguing (catches breathe) monopolies in the world!!!

He resembles the biblical antichrist, and The_Car is his False Prophet. Oh woe unto the community that goes to that forum. I demand that if you know what is good for you, you will not go to that forum. We at QBI, advise against even linking to that forum in case of brainwashing. Whatever you do...DO NOT GO TO THAT FORUM!!! Oh, btw, the address is here.

Remember, be very careful of NeoBASIC.