what is the QB Community?
by Skarab

what is the Qbasic community? first if all, that and "QB Scene" are the silliest things I've ever heard.
Scene? Bahaha!!?
Any one of these QB sites reminds me of picking up a hick-town newspaper and reading "Billy bob marries Jim bob" as the headlines. What is a scene when you all basically know each other and share programs? I can think of a million better things to call it...a ring, circle, oval (wait...), network even. But scene? Fashion designers have a scene, not programmers for a piddly little language like QB. Gay people have a community. Am I part of the QB scene? Should I feel bad or left out because I'm not? And the QbRpg scene? Aarrrgghh!! You people take yourselves way too seriously. I want to hide my face for associating with you freaks. When they engrave my tombstone, I don't want "Well known in the QB scene" on it. Who cares? I don't need this kind of attention to feel good about myself. So why do I stick around?

I code QB, looked around the web for some resources, found some people and liked em.

Whatever. This is a pointless rant. Everyone has a right to do it once in a while right?

Oh, and, why code graphics-intense megagames when you can do it in C++ or something? Leave QB for the neato retro-stuff. It's what it's there for! Man, I wouldn't mind a Retro-RPG scene. blah.