Puerto Ricans found to be bad coders
by Skarab

A study by Central University released just yesterday found that Puerto Ricans (usually called "Wetbacks") are horrible programmers. The researchers set up eighteen PRs in a room with Qbasic and some Packard Bells found in the dumpster and asked them to create a simple "Hello world" program. Not a one was able to do it.

Critics of the study contend that the Puerto Ricans weren't trained in Qbasic, were not even programmers, and didn't speak english. These critics are obviously agents of the Puerto Rican mafia and no doubt they were grinning evilly when they wrote the criticisms.

What relevance does this have to anything anyone cares about?

It just proves the thing the ancients always wrote: "...they... (puerto ricans) are... apes...."


note: this article is 100% false and is meant to make fun of racists. spicks really ARE good programmers. not to mention they have the best butts in the world.