Focus on America: Ignorance Today
by Anonymous QBI Employee (Aqe)

May 10, 2001- Studies released by Great Britain today
reveal that ignorance in the United States can be
found in unprecedented high rates in youth and adults.

"The United States is a nation full of the most
contemptible, stupid humans you've ever seen," said
Dr. Ralph Koffman, a leading psychologist at Oxford in
England, "It appears as though they are de-evolving to
some less sophisticated form of subhumanity. It will
be a country full of monkeys if they keep this up."

Television and movies are blamed for most of the
stupidity in America. MTV, a popular U.S. television
station, broadcasts stupid programs around the clock.
Some programs are based on observations of the
"hip-hop" culture and "hip-hop" music artists, which
is one of the most stupid businesses in the U.S., Dr.
Ralph Koffman says. "People are paying these idiots to
act like morons and talk as if they had never
graduated from the 8th grade. They cannot spell
correctly, form grammatically correct sentences, they
are barely literate, and they cannot communicate
verbally without emitting a series of grunts as they
mumble. I'm freaking amazed that anyone can enjoy this
crap." MTV also airs a variety of television shows,
including "The Tom Green Show", hosted by an icon of
ignorance, Tom Green, and music videos from stupid
bands such as Blink 182, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys,
Destiny's Child, Janet Jackson, 98 Degrees, and
hundreds of others.

Dr. Koffman also notes that alcohol and illegal drugs
play an important role in the decadence of American
intelligence. "Teenagers enjoy gathering with their
friends and destroying their minds with harmful drugs.
This behaviour has been regarded as 'cool' for the
past four decades and now provides a major source of
income for some people and most certainly is a major
cause of stupidity amongst teenagers and young

"No, don't even get me started on your American
president," Dr. Koffman warns.

Psychologists say that that anyone is at risk of being
affected by this "social disease." But how safe are
you and your loved ones? How can you protect yourself?
The truth is, stupid people are breeding, and you will
always be surrounded by them. However, if you start
programming, you will be less likely to have a social
life and will consequently interact with fewer stupid people.