the Jumping QuickBasic Programmer
by Skarab

it may seem silly, but i've seen it with my own three eyes. and so has my new partner Qbarry. QB dramatically increases one's ability to jump, and yes, finally, the question we've all been asking lately, it makes you swing better. QB coders can jump an average of 4 to 5 centimeters higher than C++ coders and 6 cm higher than C++ people. what does this mean? it means this: what is means is that QB coders can ACTUALLY jump higher than any other programmers. why is this important? you ask me. DON'T YOU SEE?! THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!!! I CAN'T MAKE IT ANY CLEARER YOU STUPID PEOPLE!!!! I CAN JUMP HIGH!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!