McVeigh and VB
by Skarab

Convicted american terrorist Timothy McVeigh's execution was postponed thursday not because they found extra documents that may be important for his case, but because he requested that he be able to use Visual Basic at his last meal. the constitutionality of this has been questioned for some time within the legal community. the US congress immediately commissioned a commission under Commissioner Albert W. McCain to investigate.

Obviously, Visual Basic is the favorite "programming" language of terrorists, and obviously all VB programmers are terrorists.

McVeigh also admitted to being a follower of the cult of Marcade, and acknowledged the NeoBASIC owner as Pope and God.

What else did he say about Marcade? He's a rapist and a pedophile. Many others also suspected as much. Marcade was once suspiciously quoted as saying: "I am a rapist and a pedophile."

Strong words.

Strong words indeed.