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Lithium takes over #quickbasic in violent and bloody battle!
NeoTiger (User Submitted)
Editted minorly by Gopus

The #quickbasic world is reeling from the destructive takeover of the IRC channel by Lithium, a disenheartened programmer, snubbed by DJFly-, Logiclord and nodtveidt for not being eleet enough for the channel. They would soon regret this move, as Lithium used his mighty cable modem to pingflood all of the ops and users, and enstate himself as the supreme ruler of #quickbasic. He made a program to make everyone to say 'Lithium is our godly lord and ruler' every 10 minutes. Failure to comply results in a permban. Lets just hope that the old and just ops of #quickbasic will retake this legendary channel as a show of the mighty power of justice...

We shall continue with more on this story later.