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Childish Marcade
by Skarab

Recently someone sent me this IRC chat transcript of an imposter:
[Skarab] i american
[Skarab] hey joe, i'm cool
[Skarab] i having clown time!
[Skarab] dynomite american!
[Skarab] yes!
[Skarab] the english about me for too
[Skarab] clown no monkey time joe!
[Skarab] go go fast burgers!
[Skarab] super kick fun fun!
[Skarab] i'm telling the truth
[Skarab] favorite time fun!
[Skarab] RedMage: kicking! my fun. hello!
[Skarab] DigitlDud: it cool! fun time yes!
[Skarab] am i skarab american kicker!
[Skarab] hello!

[Gamkiller] hi....bob

This was obviously a Japanese person hired by Marcade.

What else? The fiend himself visited #quickbasic just today:

[Marcade] you're all fools!
[Marcade] i'll own eberyone Nyahahahahahahaha!!! Nyaahahahaahahahhaha!!!
[JLM] Marcade, ícome mi mierda!
[Marcade] JLM: i don't speak german fool!
[Marcade] i killed nekrophidius nyahahahaa!!!
[Marcade] RedMage: you have three testicles nyahahahahahaaa!!!
[Marcade] Gamkiller: you're a dweeb! nyahaaahahahaahaha!!!
[Gamkiller] is that Marcade
[qbpsock] oh wow
[Gamkiller] Marcade Marcade ?
[qbpsock] it's marcade!
[Marcade] DigitlDud: hmm?
[DigitlDud] it's Skarab
(DigitlDud apparently is not well in the head)
[DigitlDud] heh
[Gamkiller] wow
[qbpsock] haw
[Gamkiller] yep it's defenitely skarab
(It seems it's contagious)
[Marcade] i am marcade
[Marcade] i am also tek
[Marcade] and i'm gonna make lots of babies!!
[DigitlDud] heh
[DigitlDud] this seems like another QBI article in the making
(Ignore that)
[Marcade] I am Marcade you ignorant fool and you will bow to me!!!
[Marcade] get out of my mind!!!!
[Marcade] ahhhhh!!!!
[DigitlDud] Marcade: you're a pretty eleet perl scriptah
[Marcade] i know i am!
[Marcade] i didn't ask you!
[Marcade] ssi is all i need
[Marcade] yep
[Marcade] cause im leet
[Marcade] and i'm marcade
[RAMX] what good movie is playing in theathers right now
[Marcade] i like gay pornos
[Marcade] watch gay pedophile pornos
[DigitlDud] Marcade: take off your shirt
[Marcade] and snuff porn
[Marcade] i make snuff porn
[Marcade] i make pedophilic snuff porn
[Marcade] i make pedophilic snuff porn with animals and dead bodies
[RAMX] heheh
[Gamkiller] haha
[DigitlDud] i am moaning
[Marcade] i also eat little children
[Gamkiller] hee
[DigitlDud] i lick Marcades toes
[Marcade] i enjoy raping old men
*** DigitlDud changes topic to [Marcade] i enjoy raping old men'
*** keerus has joined #quickbasic
[keerus] hahaha
[keerus] topic
[keerus] haha
[Marcade] keerus: are you mkaing fun of me?
[keerus] marcade: i know for a fact that you aren't the real marcade
[keerus] marcade: actually, you could be
[keerus] but i hope not
[DigitlDud] Marcade = Skarab :P
(More sickness)
[Gamkiller] ..
[keerus] hehe
[Marcade] liar!
[keerus] why does everyone in this channel hate marcade again?
[DigitlDud] why don't they?
[DigitlDud] keerus: he rapes old men, not that i like old men
[Gamkiller] keerus: I dont hate marcade
[Gamkiller] keerus: wait
[Gamkiller] keerus: i DO hate him
[Marcade] I also messed up Neozones hahahaha!!!

And there you have it, the startling confession. Marcade destroyed Neozones. Why else would Tek erase it? Tek IS Marcade! How many time do I have to tell you ignorant people!?