And There Was News
by Skarab

QBI was down for two days as a result of certain issues with the contentity being available on the online.
Who is to blame?

Yep. Not Marcade, Jorden, or Tek, or even gerbils (well...). Just sloppy work at home.com.

Do you see what monopolies get away with?

In other news my naughty bits hurt.

And Gopus isn't dead.

And MagnaUnum joins QBI-X.

And so does Gopus again.

I'm feeling bored...
I believe it's time to prepare my successor. Well, Gopus is first in line but I don't trust him to keep the site online.

You know how I call myself co-founder of QBI?

Well, that's crap. I was just THERE when Gopus started it. I happened to offer to redesign QbCommunity when he goes: "No. Let's do this thing we'll call it QbInquirer".

So I was like "dude" and he was like "yeah?" and i was like "me like food" and he say ug and i drown elk and live on mountain. need no more people. just women.