Us President Making Progress
by QB90

President Bush Utters Coherent Sentence

May 20, 2001 - For the first time since he was
committed to office, President Bush formed and
publicly uttered a coherent sentence. This feat was
accomplished at a press conference and the sentence
regarded matters concerning U.S. energy consumption.
After forming the sentence and speaking it clearly,
Bush paused for forty-two seconds and then finished
his statement.

Bush tells family and friends that not only is he
proud that he formed the sentence by himself without
the help of any advisors, but he also spoke it
perfectly; he failed to interject confusing syllables
such as "uh" and "um" which he admits is a regular
practise. He also spoke each word consecutively with a
pause only long enough to allow his listeners time to
discern between the end of one word and the beginning
of another.

Bush' father, who is "very, very proud of [the
President's] progress", congratulated his son
immediately. "I knew he could do it. I believed in him
all this time," his father said. Bush' parents both
maintain that he had been able to speak and think
correctly since he was a young boy. President Bush
later struggled to make another statement comprised of
logical, coherent sentences, but failed to do so.