Is NeoZones really Neo?
by Skarab

What do the people think of Tek?
QbProgger: tek is my friend
Tominator: Tek is a nice guy
DigitlDud: Tek is eleet
These previous quotes were made by tools. Tools with no brains.

RAMX: who is tek?
Exactly. RAMX, you win the award for most best comment within this article. Who IS tek? I'll tell you who he is. HE'S MARCADE!!

DigitlDud: tek = marcade? BAHAHA, that's so funny my tits hurt
qbprogger: if tek -were- marcade i'd be very surprised
Fizzter: actually, i think they're both dinguses
Necrolyte: jason is an extremely good friend of mine
What would you say if I told you Tek is Marcade and he is a hermaphroditic clown who has babies with himself?
Necrolyte: I'd go buy a 11" [expletive] and [suggestive] it up your [expletive].
jokes on you, Necrolyte: i don't have an [expletive] .

How do I know this?
Because I witness Tek/Marcade (who I will now call MarTek) coupling with himself in a public restroom. it was horrifying. not long after a wad of baby clowns dropped from his backside. i don't know how the reproductive system of this strange monster works, but...it works. the clowns swarmed the small resturaunt where we were and ate everyone.

i don't know if i can go on like this...