s Darkdread a Failure?
by Skarab/Gopus

This is an interview with Darkdread, attempting to determine whether Darkdread has lost his fans. In the recent years, Darkdread has amazed us with RPGs done in QB. These were amazing. Unfortunately, lately, Darkdread has only given us RPGs that look as if they were done under 48 hours.

1) what is the last full RPG you released?

That would be Mysterious Song... waay back in April/May of 2000.

2) are you ever going to release another full game?

Of course... The next one will be Mysterious Song DX, and the Secret of Cooey III. Both should be out this year.

3) will they be as bad as soc2?

heheh... hey, I liked SoC2. :-). No...SoC3 is Final Fantasy style... and MSDX is a huge upgrade to the original MS.

4) does it hurt that no one cares anymore?

Not many in the QB community do...but, we don't follow that scene anymore. We've got a big following outside of it though.

5) what does it feel like to be a failure?

What does is feel like to not be able to spell failiure properly? :). Skarab, be glad I'm not in a kicking mood today. :)

6) Even though you aren't with that scene, which qb site would you view, if you were?

I do actually have a look at some QB sites every now and then. Mostly... I'll go to QB45.com just to see what's going on...and VPlanet as well.

7) How would you feel about nodtveidt redoing your code for Mystic Song and saying it was rather sad looking?

Geez man.... you just love tryin' to get a rise from someone don't you? Well... I'm the last person to be bothered with what others think. As long as I like the games I make...that's good enough for me.

8) Are you saying that our editor is doing a bad job with our mag?

heheh... I wouldn't know... I have yet to read it. :)

9) Why is that?

'cause you haven't given me the URL yet, silly.

10) Do you have a mullet?

ugh... mullets... rednecks... ick.

11) Are you saying that if I have a mullet I am a redneck?

*** You were kicked by Darkdread (if you're not gonna behave... don't come in here.)

This obviously shows that Darkdread has some issues with him being so unpopular now. But so all things will soon end. You have to feel sorry for somebody who was once great, but is just some speck in the dust now. :-(

-Gopus (interview done by Skarab)