Marcade Declares Self Pope
Evilbeavr (User submission)

Earlier today, in retaliation of Marcade's self-declaration of Papalcy, the Vatican forced the nation of Italy to partake in a pre-emptive strike against the Netherlands, home of Marcade, before the troops of the Dutch state could organize and storm Europe.
It's believed that the attack commanded by the small religous country that has been the home of Catholicism was to prevent another era of chaos not seen since the last time that there was more than one Pope at the same time. Believed dead are Marcade, Jorden (of QB45.com infamy), and a lot of Dutch people who nobody really gives a d**m about.
In other news, this reporter has found that Pasco, reported to belong to the recently demolished Church of Marcade, is in fact a Freemason. We regret our error.
- coldacid, reporting from some cold place in the middle of Canada.