the Plot to Destroy QbInquirer
by Skarab
Sunday May 7, 2001

It seems that we finally went too far in our uncoverings of the awful truths of Marcade, Tek, and Jorden. They destroyed our site, wiped the directories clean, then came to our houses and burnt our wives and concubines, as the prophet QB-MRK once predicted. i managed to salvage the articles and upload them to DigitlDud's secret server in Geneva. Not secret anymore hahahaha!!! Anyway, Gopus has gone strangely silent and won't return to QBI. Alas, THIS IS QBI-X, the new place! With LESS FREQUENT UPDATES AND UNFUNNY ME!!!

Jorden bragged about taking us down on his QbasicNews.com, saying: "QB Inquirer (QBI) is down again now... There are rumors that the person who's hosting it, took it down because the owner of the domain didn't pay for it yet. Nothing is too sure about it though... Perhaps it was an evil attack from someone who was featured in the articles? We'll probably never find out..."

How he gloats! We can only assume he was cackling in an evil manner while typing this in his great big mansion.

A mansion built with the BONES OF NEGRO SLAVES!!!

Jorden is obviously the mastermind of the unholy trinity.
Who will save us?
Will it be influential Nekrophidius? Nay, it can only be Albert Ross, the true inventor of QuickBasic.
Hail Albert Ross!!