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Index - Released on March 1, 2000

Project news

Site news
    The QB.Scene and the QB Times have merged! NightWolf (from the Programming Oasis) & Jorden (from Future Software) are now co-operating on the magazine, which means you'll get the best of both worlds.

    V Planet! Quickbasic Magazine V Planet! is starting the QB Expo soon. The QB Expo will be a chance for QB programmers of all skill levels to show off their newest material. It's still in the planning-stages, so nothing is sure yet.

    Welcome to the QB Cult Magazine! It looks like 2000 is becoming the year of QB Magazines! After the amazing popularity of QBasic: The Magazine, we've had QB Times, QB On Acid, QB.Scene, QBSI and now the QB Cult magazine! It's got a little news but a ton of tutorials. Take a look at it by clicking the link that will take you to Xybertech.

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