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  1.   Insight Your Site   
    Description: A very disorganized QB site that does have a lot of content. There are original game programs, many screenshots and some newbie tutorials. (In case you're wondering, the navigation links are the little tiny buttons at the bottom center.)
    Unique Features: Includes a comprehensive beginners' tutorials and many simple original programs such as the RPG Talbot's Vision, Mystery in New York, and about twenty more original programs! This site also distributes other submitted programs in another section. I only wish that it were organized beter...
  2.   QBasic.tk   
    Description: An active QB community site based heavily around providing QB news. There are quite a few visitors and contributors, and this site is definitely worth a visit!
    Unique Features: This site is based around an active community message board, with news on the front page. There are several programs to download (all uploaded by the users) throughout the message board. Also, QBasic.tk has a few game reviews. As far as community sites and information portals go, this is definitely worth a look!
  3.   Quantum's Quarter   
    Description: Small site with a few QB games in the works, including Frogger for QB and Osama Operatives (where you kill Osama bin Laden). There's also a finished game called Robot Rumble, which is a BattleBots-style robot fighting game.
    Unique Features: These three games are available for download. There's also Monkey Blast and Spit War. All of these games are pretty simple, but who knows, they might be fun.
  4.   Quick Hosting for QB Files   
    Description: Rune Moennike's "Quickhost" site offering free, limited-time hosting for QB-related files. Anyone is free to upload a program, tutorials or screenshots, and they will be stored on the server for seven days. Definitely a worthwhile service for QB programmers without their own webhosting service!
    Unique Features: If an uploaded file is particularly popular (determined by hits), it will be granted extra hosting time on the server. This site can conceivably host lots of really great content or nothing of value at all. And although this is labeled as a QB hosting service, any types of files can be uploaded. When I visited, there were several art pictures created by users but nothing QB related for download. (That could change in an instant, though.)
  5.   QBasic Contest Central   
    Description: After NeoZones Productions shut down in 2001, and along with its popular QB programming contests, Lightning founded this QB Contests site as a replacement. In 2002, Future Software absorbed this page and made a new contests section, thus ending the reign of this site over the QB Contests world.
    Unique Features: Now, there's not much left here. Just the remains of two old contests and the winning programs.
  6.   QBasic Paradise   
    Description: Once a decent QB site, the QBasic Paradise shut down one day and posted this message: "THIS PAGE IS UNDER A REALLY HEAVY CONSTRUCTION! plz whait until the new page is up.. Well.. NOTE .. a problem have come in the way of the progress.. all downloads are gone! do someone have all the download files.. it would be really greatfull if you could send them trough my ICQ: 37692488. Under the middle time plz use our MSG Board.
    Unique Features: There's nothing here. I don't know why I'm linking to this site. Honestly, it's a waste of my time and your time. Not even the message board works anymore (just another expired DiscApp.) Okay then. I'll stop wasting your time.
  7.   Roland: The DOS Chat Program   
    Description: Site for a fake chat program written in QB. This is the most elaborate QB chat program I've ever seen, with over 4,300 phrases (according to the creator). I recall that there are several contests worldwide to make a text chat program that can convince users that it is as smart as a real person. This, according to the famous mathematician Alan Turing, was the true measure of Artificial Intelligence in computers. Roland, I guess, is QB's best effort so far to pass the Turing Test.
    Unique Features: There's a lot of info on this site about the Roland chat program, but you have to keep in mind that it's just a text chat program...nothing I would call phenomenal. There is a lot of documentation, though. This site was last updated in 2000.
  8.   PARC   
    Description: Adam Cobb's website with a pretty big QB section. Has a lot of downloads, all categorized and rated. This includes some original programs.
    Unique Features: It's a personal interests homepage of a British Trekkie, but its QB section is pretty good. It basically amounts to a QB downloads page, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
  9.   Nocturnal Creations   
    Description: Tim Truman's QB programming company, with programs dating back to 1994! This is a very old website, that's for sure. Tim has made several QB games that aren't the most original (mostly ports of old arcade games), but they're still fun to play!
    Unique Features: Since Truman was coding for QB mostly in 1995, he was the first to release some crucial programs, such as Sprite his sprite editor and the FX Sound Editor. Truman's games include QBDefend, QBInvade, QBMatrix, QBMissile, and QBRoids. They may not be creative, but they're worthy clones of time-tested game formulas. There are also a dozen or so more programs available for download here. An interesting site because it is so old.
  10.   Kaswoj Software   
    Description: Programming group who has made a wide assortment of boardgame-style QB games, like Confaive (five in a row), Connect 4 and Mastermind, as well as some old mainstays like Minesweeper and Tetris. Basically, simple games with very stark, blocky graphics but addictive gameplay. This site has an absolutely HUGE files archive of older QB programs. There's definitely a lot of great stuff here!
    Unique Features: A great resource of QB programs, tutorials and more, plus many neat original products that are fun to play (even if they are a little rough on the interior). This is a simple but well-organized site with enough content to keep you busy for days.
  11.   QB Chronicles   
    Description: A former division of Hyper-Realistic games, Fling-master's QB Chronicles had a short, four-issue run in 2001. Reminiscent of QB:TM when it was in its prime, this was one of the best QB magazines around back when it was still being published.
    Unique Features: Now this site is still hanging around to distribute the four QB Chronicles issues that were released. Well-written and worth a read if you've never seen it before.
  12.   QBasic-Arts   
    Description: Small site run by Crono. Has completed games available, such as Missing in Space and Break Them All. There's also a pretty good-looking RPG in the works from this group.
    Unique Features: There's some art here too, a few downloads...but in the long run, the original games (both finished and upcoming) are the beginning and end of this site.
  13.   MediQB   
    Description: French QB site with many original game products, most of which are starring a yellow smiley face named (appropriately enough) "Smiley".
    Unique Features: This site has a nice collection of downloads. Several of the programs were made by the webmaster, but many more were contributed by other programmers. They do have one common theme, though: they're all French. We English-speakers haven't seen most of these programs before, so that's definitely a plus.
  14.   Venosoft   
    Description: An RPG programming group that is behind Cai's Quest 3 - The Runic War, a gigantic RPG that is said to have over 45 hours of playtime. Venosoft has also coded a wide selection of RPG-making tools, including map-making engines and the Venolib RPG Engine.
    Unique Features: A nicely-organized site with some good tutorials and articles on RPG making. Also available are several original programs to download, including RPG engines and production tools.
  15.   Elven Forge Software   
    Description: Miniscule site; offers one program for download and lists an upcoming game called Hero's Path: "Hero's Path is a text-based (using ASCII symbols as graphics) RPG, that will feature a large, detailed world with an intruiging plot and a huge amount of creatures, objects, and spells."
    Unique Features: The program you can download is a Dice-Rolling utility. I think that in my short description here, I've alredy written more information than there is on this entire site.
  16.   QBasic Game Development Resources Site   
    Description: A site specializing in distributing QB graphics libraries.
    Unique Features: Very small site with copies of the more recent and more popular QB graphics libraries, including RelLib, CosmoX and the old mainstay, DirectQB. A good resource, but there's not much here.
  17.   Paganworks   
    Description: A QB programmer by the name of DarkPagan who was working on an RPG called Colt's Quest, and two crime games called: Busker and Fugitive: The Streets of New York. Darkpagan had some cool, original ideas for these games and they sound quite interesting, though nothing ever came of them.
    Unique Features: This site might have had quite a bit of content, but when I visited, every link on the site was broken except for the short News page. Too bad.
  18.   Cleber de Mattos Casali Games Page   
    Description: Home of a CMC Productions, a Portugese programmer who created one of the most popular QB RPGs ever, DarkPhear. He has since left QB, but all of his excellent QB releases are still available on this site.
    Unique Features: Aside from the phenomenal DarkPhear, CMC Productions has released QBmIRC, an mIRC script which allows for networked QB games over the Internet, and some Quicklibraries that you might find useful.
  19.   Mamoru's QB Page   
    Description: Adorned with Sailor Moon graphics, this odd little QB site has almost no text and no explanation.
    Unique Features: There's just a screenshot and the title of an upcoming foreign-language game called War 7 Expansion 3, and download links for something called Text-Based Trade Game. I'll let you interpret this as you may.
  20.   RPGDX   
    Description: A great RPGs site by a former QB programmer, Mandrake. Although this includes RPGs written in all languages, it features a huge number of QB RPGs.
    Unique Features: This site is very organized, with several different sub-genres of RPGs available. RPGDX is also the host of the famous 48-hour RPG coding contests that resulted in several great RPGs from the QB RPG master himself, DarkDread. There are many very informative tutorials and articles on this site that are definitely worth your time to check out. As far as QB content goes, there's a lot, though this site caters to several different languages equally.
  21.   QuickBasic RPG Top 50 Sites   
    Description: A top sites page with the Top 50 QB sites with information about RPGs. That means that they are either developer sites, offer RPGs for download, or have tutorials and information about programming RPGs. So in short, just about every QB site on the Internet qualifies.
    Unique Features: Over the years, there have been many QB top sites lists, and over the years they've mostly disappeared. A long time ago, the QBasic Top 50, which linked directly to the NeoZones QBoard, was basically the center of the QB community. Too bad that site is long gone. As I write this, the QB RPG Top 50 is the only active top sites list in the QB community. (Oh, and by the way, by clicking this link, you WILL NOT vote for me in the Top 50.)
  22.   GO-Soft   
    Description: German QB coding group with a nice site (they program in other languages too). GO-Soft created some nice programs that are worth a look. Keep in mind, though: all of the text on this site is in German.
    Unique Features: The best part of this site is its extremely active QB message board. Sure, all the posts are in German, but this is definitely one of the most active QB communities on the internet.
  23.   Enhanced Creations++   
    Description: Angelo Mottola's legacy on the QB community will never be forgotten, but it has been quite some time since he's done any QuickBasic programming. After quitting QB in 2000, Angelo moved on to C/C . The old Enhanced Creations site is still available, which houses EC's farewell message as well as all of their QB programs...(and it mentions me, Pete, in its special thanks section--sweet!). But on this new site, all of that old QB content is still available, plus Angelo's new works in C/C .
    Unique Features: All of the Enhanced Creations QB programs are still available, including DirectQB, Wetspot 1 and 2, Project RTE and the Wetspot 2 level editors. Nostalgic QBers can also check out the new C/C version of Wetspot 3, which will never be as magical as the QB version, but it's still pretty neat! Oh--one more thing: EC has a great design.
  24.   Frost Productions   
    Description: Elvis]['s Frost Productions is the two-man group behind vFont, the RPG Aradina and a library with the code-name Viper.
    Unique Features: There's not much to this site, but it serves its purpose: to distribute productions by Frost. Aradina looked like a promising game (with its own custom library called AraLib), but unfortunately, this site hasn't been updated in years.
  25.   Bulma HQ   
    Description: Bulma Productions, a one-of-a-kind QB programming group that makes mature, X-rated sex games, complete with nudity. On the entrance page of the site is this message: "This site is for adults. If you are under 18 or don't like sex, please leave right now.
    Unique Features: Bulma has made quite a few QB games that are surprisingly well-made. Johnny's Sex Adventures Parts 1 & 2 and Suds Skin Parts 1 & 2 are available on this site, along with a few other original programs. As the warning page said, "If you are under 18 or don't like sex," please don't try these programs!
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