Just a newb thang (pardon my slang...)

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Just a newb thang (pardon my slang...)

Post by Xenograf » Tue Nov 07, 2006 6:03 pm

Hello everyone in QBland!!!
My name is Michael Connolly, a newbie to qb (the qmunity, not the language ^^), and i've made this post not just as a "hello, i exist" to the forum, but rather a bit of a question.

I've been a little dungeon crawler around the areas here, and ive come to know about all the QBRPGs out there, and i've also fallen to Darkdreads awesome creations (who couldnt?), and not to be rude, but just what is it that really "makes" a QBRPG now a days? The industries standards have always been different from the qmunity's (for better or worse), and i really wanna see what people want from an QBRPG developer such as myself. Not just to make a name for myself, but i think that alot more creations need to be put out there. What would be the most useful in a QBRPG engine? all my source will be open (of course), so... what can i give to this coding community is terms of that kind of stuff. I should have some screens of my working project, OverRide, in a few weeks.

I hope someone understands what i'm asking, and i hope i don't sound arrogant (or newbish :oops: ), but feel free to give me a 8) :o (shout out ^^)

Peace out!
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Post by sid6.7 » Tue Nov 07, 2006 11:53 pm

customization of everything would be tops for me

i have'nt played too many qbrpgs so maybe someone
has one out there already but thats what i would like.

i mainly go for the strategy type stuff or file tools/utils.

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Post by {Nathan} » Wed Nov 08, 2006 4:11 pm

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Not to confuse you, but FreeBASIC has basically been made to replace QB. It can be found at freebasic.net. A great editor for FB in windows can be found at fbide.sourceforge.net. If you compile with the parameter "-lang qb" under the testing (.17b) version, then you get great QB compatibility. If you are creating a new program, then you should be good. Basically everthing works except the DOS stuff (DEF SEG, PEEK, POKE, etc).
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Anyway, a good QBRPG has 2 things: playability and FUN. Let me elaborate.

I need to be able to play it. Moving slow is terrible. Moving too fast is confusing. Also, who wants to play a game about someone who's parents died and now the son needs to save his sister/the princess from the evil king? Well, unless it's Zelda :lol: :wink:

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