3D rendering in QBasic [RAYCASTING]

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3D rendering in QBasic [RAYCASTING]

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COPYPASTA from another forum cause it's very useful here.


Any high level techie's might wanna research here, like I am, to start over making a light cycle, from simple geometric shapes, ray cast'ed, like the techie's had to, when they MADE the graphics.

http://web.archive.org/web/200803060023 ... n/Main.htm

I'm going to find all the high level polynomial functions it takes, to create an old school light cycle, from scratch.


I was showing how people could learn to draw a light cycle from the TRON movie, by actually devising the math to do it themselves.
If you click that link, it will give you that, as well as a bunch of SVGA working code, SPECIFICALLY designed for QBasic.

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