Around The World Review

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Author: TMB ProductionsGenre: Side ScrollerReviewer: Pete
Size: ~1.0 MBDownload:atw10w.exe

Around the World

Unfortunately... BattleCraft99 did the original review of Around the World, where he gave this pretty decent game the incredibly low score of 50%. This was much lower than ATW would have gotten if I, Pete, had reviewed it, and TMB Productions thought the score was unfair. They asked me to do a second review. I found that the first review was overly-critical and a might harsh, so I agreed. In my review of the game, I found it to be quite a bit better than BattleCraft99 found it; I gave it a 94%. That review was posted way back in early 2000...

But somehow during the shuffle of updating Pete's QB Site with new reviews a few months later, I accidently overwrote my ATW review with a review of Guess Game. Unfortunately, I didn't have a backup, so this review has been lost and is gone forever. (That is, unless it was archived somewhere that I don't know about...) Sorry!

10/20 * 5 =


Around the World Screenshot