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What are the different types of variables available in QB?

The table below shows the different types of variables available in QBasic:
Data TypesSuffix

  • The first 4 types are used to store numbers:
    • The Single-precision and double-precision types store floating point numbers. (ie: 45.68474, 38389.3946)
    • The integer and long-integer types store integers, or numbers without decimal points. (ie: 40, 2, 345678)
  • The String variables store characters, letters, texts, sentences. (ie: "Hello!")
  • If no suffix is assigned, a variable is automatically classified by QB as single-precision.

Data are stored in memory variables, or constants. In QBasic variables should respect the following rules:

  • The length should not be greater than 40 characters
  • They should start with a letter
  • They should not contain spaces
  • They do not support certain characters such as (

Submitted by: Pete on June 22, 2004

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