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Syntax: CALL INTERRUPT(interruptnumber, inregs, outregs)
Function: Interrupts are kind of like procedures built into the computer. CALL INTERRUPT lets you use them. interruptnumber is the number of an interrupt, inregs is what is sent to it, and outregs is what it returns

QB Site of the Moment
QBasic World
Description: A quite annoying site that amounts to a giant tutorial covering many aspects of QB programming with very little depth. It starts with the topic "What is QBasic?" and then a few pages later, it's showing you how to use the Modem...before it even teaches you the PSET command.
Unique Features: This tutorial is not very well organized, but the real kicker is this: the page has a WHITE background, and uses WHITE text. So you can't see it without highlighting. That's a good plan. Has a lot of broken links too. Still, there is a lot of source code and a lot of useful topics are covered.

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