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  1.   Ramon's Cybersite   
    Description: Fairly empty site, though it is home to a very impressive 3D engine. There are some screenshots available with a few trees rendered. According to Ramon, "It have shading, use Directqb and is very fast"
    Unique Features: Unfortunately, there is nothing here to download. Just a small bit of text and two screenshots.
  2.   Ray's Homepage   
    Description: A personal interests site with a large QBasic section. Includes many tutorials with a lot of source code on various simple QB techniques, which are then used in more advanced programs that demonstrate their usefulness.
    Unique Features: There are about 15 long, well-written in-depth tutorials here, as well as several dozen programs for download. Not the most interesting programs, mind you, but they can be useful to learn from.
  3.   Richard and Chris' QBasic Site   
    Description: Plauged by broken images, missing files and broken links, Richard and Chris' QBasic Site was a QB site with a modest file library that is no longer of much use.
    Unique Features: This site had a large selection of quality programs for download, but various server mishaps have unfortunately made that archive just about empty.
  4.   Rick Elbers' _BASICS   
    Description: An advanced programming page with a simple layout. Its QB section focuses on using ASM libraries in QuickBasic, and also has a section explaining how to use DEBUG to create 286 Assembler code. This is a valuable resource to QB programmers looking to learn Assembly to create their own libraries. Last updated in 1996.
    Unique Features: Includes a bunch of older ASM libraries to download as well as some good 286 Assembler tutorials. All in all, though, that's all there is to the site.
  5.   RiPSoft   
    Description: A small programming group run by "Skankin Bum." A while back, RiP and FlySoft were working together to make a game called Crystals of Elumni.
    Unique Features: Includes five original QB games for download (and a bothersome blue-white gradient background that makes the site hard to read).
  6.   Robert W. Benjamin's QBasic Page   
    Description: Features two programs: a "Weather Forecaster" based on user input and a puzzle game called "Turcoo."
    Unique Features: The only problem is...both programs have broken links.
  7.   Robin Ohm's QBasic Software Pages   
    Description: From Holland, it's the QBasic Software Pages. These are mostly beginners' programs, and mostly written by Robert Ohm to help teach basic programming skills. (There's even a section entitled "Easy to Understand Programs.")
    Unique Features: Fairly run-of-the-mill programs like Hangman and various Clock programs, but they're good for beginners (as was their purpose).
  8.   Rodrigo Personal Home Page   
    Description: A programming site with a rather large QB section. I believe this is in Portugese--it's not Spanish and it's definitely not English!
    Unique Features: Includes a fair share of Portugese QB programs that English speakers probably have never seen before. Also has several QB tutorials that you might find helpful if you speak Portugese.
  9.   Roland: The DOS Chat Program   
    Description: Site for a fake chat program written in QB. This is the most elaborate QB chat program I've ever seen, with over 4,300 phrases (according to the creator). I recall that there are several contests worldwide to make a text chat program that can convince users that it is as smart as a real person. This, according to the famous mathematician Alan Turing, was the true measure of Artificial Intelligence in computers. Roland, I guess, is QB's best effort so far to pass the Turing Test.
    Unique Features: There's a lot of info on this site about the Roland chat program, but you have to keep in mind that it's just a text chat program...nothing I would call phenomenal. There is a lot of documentation, though. This site was last updated in 2000.
  10.   ROTA Systems   
    Description: This relatively new QB site (its banner says "ROTA Systems 2005") has a collection of simple, original games that span over many different genres from puzzle to RPG to economics simulator. The site design leaves a something to be desired, but the downloadable content is good.
    Unique Features: The games on this site include Burtgorm: Quest For The Mirror Mask, Dungeon, the two-player dice game Fangs, the fighting game MiniBattlers, the lemon-stand simulator Lemon and more. All of the games have screenshots and short descriptions on the site.
  11.   RothSoft   
    Description: A six-person programming group that unfortunately has never released any programs. Oh, for shame!
    Unique Features: Has a downloads section, where one original QB program is available for download: Indycar -- An nifty little sound program. It uses your PC speaker and it plays the sound of an indy car cruising down the straight. And you can hear it shift gears too! Kinda cool, if you have a use for it. That's the extend of the RothSoft site.
  12.   RPG-Dev.net   
    Description: Fling-master's RPG development site, for all programming languages. This is a huge archive, with dozens of RPGs, many of which (maybe even the majority of) are in QuickBasic.
    Unique Features: This site is also rich with tutorials, example code, articles on game design and more. Additionally, this site is completely automated, and every resource keeps a nice, organized arrangement of statistics, including as user ratings. If you have any interest at all in RPG development, you HAVE to visit this page.
  13.   RPGDX   
    Description: A great RPGs site by a former QB programmer, Mandrake. Although this includes RPGs written in all languages, it features a huge number of QB RPGs.
    Unique Features: This site is very organized, with several different sub-genres of RPGs available. RPGDX is also the host of the famous 48-hour RPG coding contests that resulted in several great RPGs from the QB RPG master himself, DarkDread. There are many very informative tutorials and articles on this site that are definitely worth your time to check out. As far as QB content goes, there's a lot, though this site caters to several different languages equally.
  14.   Running Cheetah Software   
    Description: Spotted Cheetah's website, with all sorts of interesting content and a lot of original game programs. The site is also "heavily-Cheetahfied", with dozens of pictures of the giant savanna cats.
    Unique Features: RCS's original programs include "Kicsi Kocsi", QB FM Midiplayer, a QB Sprite Editor, "Island of Cheetahs" and many more. All of them come with descriptions and screenshots. RCS also has other sections including Tutorials, Art, a Link Exchange, and a Graveyard of the old Running Cheetah website (which also has a lot of interesting content).
  15.   Ryan Heller's Homepage   
    Description: A simple, one-page site; home to a cool-sounding QB game called SlugWars.
    Unique Features: When I went, the link to download SlugWars was broken. It's a shame, because this sounded really cool. Unfortunately, without that game available for download, this site has NO CONTENT whatsoever. I have to give it 0 stars.
  16.   Ryan Lin's QBasic Website   
    Description: Ryan Lin's QBasic section has four original tutorials that tailor to beginners, as well as three "Interactive" tutorials where "you will learn through a more interactive (duh!) and non-robotic teaching ways (as in the tutorials)." Additionally, many of Ryan's original game programs and engines are here, though no truly complete games are available.
    Unique Features: Downloads of all the tutorials and programs, including an RPG fight engine, an animated game engine called Rain where you "make a character walk around" and a pong clone. The tutorials are well-written, even if the programs are not!
  17.   Ryan's Site   
    Description: A site "Dedicated to programming in QB and VB" created by Ryan.
    Unique Features: A fairly empty site with information about two projects (Glide Fighters and Dreamspace) and a small RPG (blackfurl.zip). There are some other sections (Articles, Poetry and Short Stories), and a tiny Files section, but that's just about all there is to this site.
  18.   RyoSoft   
    Description: RyoSoft is a QB programmer interested especially in anime and pixel art. He's working on an RPG called TerraBattles as well as a checkers game called QCheckers and a sprite editor, SpritEditor. Also has a healthy archive of only quality QB programs, many of which are original creations.
    Unique Features: This is a site heavily-dependent on art and graphics, but unfortunately when I visited, none of the graphics or program files were working. (That's too bad, this site would be really great if its content were still available...) Fortunately, Ryosoft's older site is available here, with much of the material intact.
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