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BA-SIC MU-SIC II x.t.r.GRAPHICS Homepage: http://hometown.aol.com/Rattrapmax6/index.com
Description: This is the correct BA-SIC MU-SIC II. All bugs worked out or I hope. This is the modified version of BA-SIC MU-SIC that encludes user system, crash saver, new way to save, better help file, undo last option in editor, screen saver, and more. (PS: Run setup.EXE first) (Added: January 10, 2005 by Kevin)
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Download: BA-SIC MU-SIC II.zip ( 0 KB )

Beni Tracker 1.8 Shvan-Loso/SPP
Description: This is an FM tracker written in QuickBASIC 4.5. Comes with manual, example tunes, source code and an easy to use module for using Beni Tracker music in your program. (Added: September 22, 2004 by The mega-mighty SPP)
Rating: ( 2.33/10 | Votes: 127 ) Rate:
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Download: bt18.zip ( 0 KB )

BWSB v1.21GNU Edward Schlunder
Description: Also known as “Bells, Whistles, and Sound Boards”. And for a DOS-based sound system like this one, this is a TRULY OUTSTANDING piece of work in which it *actually* plays MOD and S3M musics and much more, all in the background!! :*D ! Sure it takes a GOOD while for you to get the thing to operate properly in your QB own programs, but, once you get it all nailed down pat, then it is smooth sailing from here on out! Available as a full free program on QuickBASIC 4.5 and 7.1. (Added: July 24, 2004 by Adigun A. Polack)
Rating: ( 2.11/10 | Votes: 118 ) Rate:
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Download: bwsb121g.zip ( 0 KB )

DS4QB2 v1.1 (CD-playing version) David Schnur/AetherSoft
Description: This is another version of DS4QB2 that presents *ALL* of the exact same hottest features as the original one featured right here, but now in addition, it also has OUTSTANDING CD-playing capabilities that you can utilize in your QB programs!!! :D !! A TRUE GEM WORTH PICKING UP TODAY, and this “Windows 95/98/ME”-based sound system is for QuickBASIC 4.5 and 7.1, too!! (Added: July 24, 2004 by Adigun A. Polack)
Rating: ( 2.23/10 | Votes: 112 ) Rate:
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Download: ds4qb2cd.zip ( 0 KB )

Description: A program that makes very odd sounds with the mouse! (Added: August 3, 2005 by MURRAY PARKINSON)
Rating: ( 2.55/10 | Votes: 109 ) Rate:
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Download: MOUSEMAD.bas ( 0 KB )

Description: make music by pressing keys a to g then you press ESC
to show a menu to play or delete your music. (Added: August 3, 2005 by MURRAY PARKINSON)
Rating: ( 2.17/10 | Votes: 108 ) Rate:
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Download: MUSIC.bas ( 0 KB )

Music Keys Program Steve Giannoni Homepage: http://www.homestead.com/giannoni/sa18.html
Description: 2nd row of keys `Q' through ` ] ' are the white keys,
with `T' being the main 1st note of the musical scale.
1st row of keys `2' through `-' are the black keys,
for the sharps and flats etc.
Numbers displayed during play are
the note frequencies (cps).
Press `X' to exit the program ... (Added: February 22, 2006 by Stephen G. Giannoni)
Rating: ( 2.33/10 | Votes: 102 ) Rate:
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Download: music.zip ( 0 KB )

only pete or girls. austinnac291
Description: gagaga only for girls who wants to be praised
yayaya its not verey good for boys
yayaya. its a good good good good good song
made by fifth grader (Added: August 22, 2005 by austinnac291)
Rating: ( 2.07/10 | Votes: 106 ) Rate:
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Download: kool.bas ( 0 KB )

PC ORGAN paul redling
Description: This is a very good program to play organ on your computer or to compose ringtones for your cell phone. Have fun! (Added: November 4, 2004 by paul redling)
Rating: ( 2.03/10 | Votes: 110 ) Rate:
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Download: organ.zip ( 0 KB )

Perfect Music Stormy Homepage: http://www.storm-master.de/
Description: A collection of very luxury sound-samples for the good old soundspeaker. I actually recommend these songs! You have the access to these songs over a little menu. (german) (Added: October 13, 2004 by Stormy)
Rating: ( 2.03/10 | Votes: 110 ) Rate:
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Download: Music.zip ( 0 KB )

Phantom of the oprea Ursidae
Description: Music and lyirics for the Phantom of the Opera. (Added: July 9, 2005 by Ursidae)
Rating: ( 2.40/10 | Votes: 111 ) Rate:
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Download: Phantom of the oprea.zip ( 0 KB )

Piano 1.0 SCUEY
Description: Piano 1.0 lets you play your computer keyboard like it's a full piano! You can play seven full octaves and choose from three musical styles. (Added: November 27, 2005 by SCUEY)
Rating: ( 2.15/10 | Votes: 97 ) Rate:
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Download: piano.bas ( 0 KB )

QbSound Randall L Glass Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/rlglass2
Description: QbSound Enables You to use Nt directx sound from qbasic.
NT Dos can now use windows directx using a windows device driver. Dos Nt drivers are easy to program.
(Added: November 21, 2005 by Randall L Glass)
Rating: ( 2.06/10 | Votes: 95 ) Rate:
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Download: QbSound.zip ( 0 KB )

QMIDI v4.1 Jesse Dorland
Description: Apparently VERY well-known and even admired by many QuickBASIC programmers from back in the day, this really good FM-based sound system actually plays MIDI files in the background! The only drawback on this one is that it plays no more than only 8 or 9 notes/percussions at a time per every MIDI music track played using QMIDI, but other than that, folks, this is a TRULY great start for those of you who want to place some background music into their own QB programs!! ^_^ ! (Added: July 24, 2004 by Adigun A. Polack)
Rating: ( 2.73/10 | Votes: 118 ) Rate:
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Download: qmidi41.zip ( 0 KB )

QMod Pasco
Description: Pure QB MOD player. Works with SB16 compatible cards in DOS/W9x and needs VDMSound in W2000/XP. Not all MOD effects implemented. (Added: November 20, 2005 by Antoni)
Rating: ( 2.09/10 | Votes: 91 ) Rate:
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Download: qmod.zip ( 0 KB )

QuickBasic SoundLab v1.0 Angelo Mottola
Description: For a quality FM-sound creator program, this one is not even half bad at all! Keep in mind, though, that the creation of your original sound effects here takes some GOOD practice before you can master the program. Once nailed down successfully, then placing the sounds in your own QB game or project will be a snap!! ;) From the original creator of DirectQB, and this program is for QuickBASIC 4.5 *only*. (Added: July 24, 2004 by Adigun A. Polack)
Rating: ( 2.23/10 | Votes: 109 ) Rate:
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Download: soundlab.zip ( 0 KB )

RNDrum Steven Danglis/MyPetRobot
Description: What started off as a random drum loop generator has blossomed into a simple sequencer and digital drum "kit." Kit contains 3 samples per drum for a more "organic" sound. Suprisingly versatile and very frickin' cool. Excellent graphics as well. Better grab this one, don't'cha think?

Oh, and sound works under Windows XP. (Added: July 15, 2005 by Steven Danglis/MyPetRobot)
Rating: ( 2.30/10 | Votes: 108 ) Rate:
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Download: RNDrum.zip ( 0 KB )

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