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25 Stones Dean "The Bean"
Description: There are 25 stones. You must take away 1, 2, or 3. You play against the computer (AI). If you take away the last stone, you win! (Added: June 6, 2006 by Dean "The Bean")
Rating: ( 2.49/10 | Votes: 140 ) Rate:
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Download: stones.bas ( 0 KB )

BlackJack M-AZN
Description: Simple Blackjack with correct "AI". (Added: May 28, 2005 by M-AZN)
Rating: ( 2.41/10 | Votes: 129 ) Rate:
   Comments (1)
Download: bj.bas ( 0 KB )

box440 fisoft
Description: A Brix like puzzle game. Connect 2 or more similar boxes
an eliminate them all (Added: March 19, 2006 by fisoft)
Rating: ( 2.17/10 | Votes: 104 ) Rate:
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Download: box440.zip ( 0 KB )

Bricko Logiclrd
Description: The first QB game ever playable in a network. Requires the now outdated IPX protocol, works from DOS to XP. The gama is a sort of static tetris. (Added: November 20, 2005 by Antoni Gual)
Rating: ( 1.95/10 | Votes: 98 ) Rate:
   Comments (59)
Download: bricko.zip ( 0 KB )

Carnack Ted
Description: A numbers game that guesses the symbol next to your answer to a numerical question. Based on a magical number trick used by magicians. (Added: March 28, 2006 by Ted Weissgerber)
Rating: ( 2.25/10 | Votes: 99 ) Rate:
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Download: CARNACK.zip ( 0 KB )

Chinese Square Cheng Ning-Pu
Description: A Tetris-like puzzle game, complete with falling blocks, but with many differences. The blocks are completely randomly sized and colored, and when they land, they fill in all of the holes below them. Worth a try, but nothing to write home about. Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 2.06/10 | Votes: 115 ) Rate:
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Download: square.zip ( 61 KB )

Dark Woods 2 Jocke The Beast Homepage: http://jockethebeast.phatcode.net/
Description: A textmode puzzle/adventure game with a mapeditor which makes it possible to make/play custom maps. (Added: July 24, 2004 by Jocke)
Rating: ( 2.04/10 | Votes: 114 ) Rate:
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Download: Dwoods2.zip ( 0 KB )

Dark Woods 2: The graphic remake MariuZ
Description: The great graphical remake of Dark Woods 2 made by MariuZ. Graphic instead of ascii symbols and many cool features. (Added: July 24, 2004 by Jocke)
Rating: ( 2.13/10 | Votes: 114 ) Rate:
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Download: gfxwoods.zip ( 0 KB )

Guess Zach Zens
Description: Simple guessing game. But very fun. All text. (Added: April 11, 2006 by Zach Zens)
Rating: ( 2.19/10 | Votes: 97 ) Rate:
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Download: GUESS.bas ( 0 KB )

Lottery Simulator Damian McLean
Description: Play the lottery without losing a penny, unfortunately you don't win real money either. Good Luck. (Added: September 3, 2005 by Damian McLean)
Rating: ( 2.36/10 | Votes: 109 ) Rate:
   Comments (1)
Download: lottery.bas ( 0 KB )

Maze of Misery Steve M.
Description: Very big maze. Tons of rooms and lots of options. You collect treasure chests and keys, and dodge spiders, electricity, and knives. Best maze game I've ever seen. (Added: April 18, 2006 by Zach Zens)
Rating: ( 2.24/10 | Votes: 100 ) Rate:
   Comments (1)
Download: Mzupd2.bas ( 0 KB )

Description: A QB version of Othello with intelligent AI and many different play options to keep you entertained for hours. Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 2.12/10 | Votes: 116 ) Rate:
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Download: othello.zip ( 205 KB )

PHAT Professional Burglar Phat Kids Homepage: http://phat-games.xepher.net/
Description: A game that puts you in the shoes of Burgals, a professional burglar who is breaking into the PHAT Kids' headquarters to steal their huge supply of money. But it's not going to be that easy--the PHAT Team has created some diabolically clever security systems to guard their riches. Armed with just bombs and your wits, you have to break deep into the PHAT complex and make off with the goods. This is a really fun game, with some really sweet levels that just beg to be played again and again. (Added: June 22, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 2.14/10 | Votes: 111 ) Rate:
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Download: burglar.zip ( 0 KB )

SB's Bricks Eric Schneider
Description: A Tetris clone with nice graphics and a few twists (some funky original tetrad shapes, for instance). Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 1.94/10 | Votes: 113 ) Rate:
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Download: sbbricks.zip ( 537 KB )

Sudoku solver David Hall Homepage: n/a
Description: Solves the puzzles in the new Sudoku craze that has appeared. As the program uses a mixture of logic solving and randomness it SHOULD be able to solve any puzzle no matter how difficult. Sudoku Solver is easy to use and requires no further details from me as full instructions are in the program. (Added: June 30, 2005 by David Hall)
Rating: ( 2.35/10 | Votes: 120 ) Rate:
   Comments (1)
Download: Sudoku.bas ( 0 KB )

Super Stack Oren Bartal
Description: An addictive puzzle game with falling blocks. Its gameplay is similar to Dr. Mario. Super Stack has bright, vibrant graphics, amazing animation and highly addictive gameplay! Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 2.07/10 | Votes: 113 ) Rate:
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Download: sstack.zip ( 233 KB )

Tetris 2 Timothy Peters
Description: Based on original Tetris 2 from Nintendo.
ASCII graphics, no sound.
30 levels of normal play and 40 puzzle levels.
(You have to change 'directory$' constant to the directory the program is)
(Added: March 21, 2005 by Timothy Peters)
Rating: ( 2.22/10 | Votes: 110 ) Rate:
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Download: tetris2.zip ( 0 KB )

Warrior Homepage: http://www.mk-productions.de.vu
On the First: I'm german, and my english is very bad and "unfriendly", so I'll write this in german. The language of the game is german!

"Als kleines, namenloses Maennchen verlaeuft man sich im Wald und trifft auf Orks und Trolle. Damit das Maennchen wieder nach Hause kommt, muss es diverse Gegenstaende einsammeln. Natuerlich nerven die Orks, deshalb kann man diese Viecher mit Pfeil und Bogen erschiessen, und Trolle lassen sich mit dem Schwert toeten. "Rollenspiel/Puzzle" wuerde als Genre wohl am Besten passen, wobei "am Besten" nicht die richtige Formulierung dafuer ist^^.

Das Spiel umfasst 3 Episoden, die - wie ich finde - die hauseigene programmierte Engine durchaus in manchen Levels ausreizt und vom Schwierigkeitsgrad her einigermaßen ausbalanciert sind. Apropos Schwierigkeitsgrad: Das Spiel ist, anders als "Dark Woods", eher schwer und damit die richtige Herausforderung fuer den ein oder anderen Profi-Spieler.

Es soll noch deutlich erwaehnt werden, dass dieses Spiel und der gesamte Quellcode zwar meine eigene, alleinige Arbeit ist, ich als Inspirationsquelle allerdings komplett auf "Dark Woods" zurückgriff." (Added: May 25, 2005 by Manuel)
Rating: ( 2.32/10 | Votes: 110 ) Rate:
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Download: wa_setup.exe ( 0 KB )

Zemmory BattleCraft99
Description: An interesting strategy / puzzle game by BattleCraft99...It is a simple memory game with some twists. Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 2.08/10 | Votes: 112 ) Rate:
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Download: zemmory.zip ( 11 KB )

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