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3D2.bas Z Rodriguez
Description: My Newest engine. I've modified my scrolling engine idea
and made a 3D ENGINE,with no stored images(all are generated depending on x and y coordinates during run-time).
(Red Plot is where character should be)
1)directional buttons to move
2)Home: Camera up
3)End: Camera down (Added: June 23, 2006 by Z Rodrigguez)
Rating: ( 2.97/10 | Votes: 146 ) Rate:
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Download: 3d2.bas ( 0 KB )

COTR QbProgger Homepage: http://www.adoptacoder.com
Description: Developed in early 2000, this engine featured simple bytecode scripting, gamepad support via the gameport, ultra fast p*p scrolling (no vector physics though :\), and layered rendering and all of that good stuff. ASM graphics by Sten Soersdal and keyboard handling by logiclrd. Please visit the homepage and email me if you want to use this or have questions. (Added: June 2, 2005 by QbProgger)
Rating: ( 2.13/10 | Votes: 122 ) Rate:
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Download: cotr.zip ( 0 KB )

Game.bas Z. Rodriguez
Description: My Latest Game Engine. After trying 8 times to improve this tile engine bit by bit I've got it Loading Maps with Multiple Floors. Now there are NPCs walking arround the map.
'More in the ReadMe.txt' (Added: July 31, 2006 by Z. Rodriguez)
Rating: ( 1.91/10 | Votes: 121 ) Rate:
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Download: game.zip ( 0 KB )

gamestarter.bas Z Rodriguez
Description: Small game 'Starter'. Has Graphics, built in boundarys,and Menus. You can build off of it if you want. (Added: January 22, 2006 by Z Rodriguez)
Rating: ( 2.02/10 | Votes: 109 ) Rate:
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Download: GameStarter.bas ( 0 KB )

gscroll dead_man
Description: its a simple per pixel scroller (Added: January 7, 2005 by dead_man)
Rating: ( 1.96/10 | Votes: 124 ) Rate:
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Download: GSCROL.zip ( 0 KB )

KGI Kierra Entertainment Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/kierragamers
Description: KGI is a game development system for RPG games. This is the first release so at this time, some of the features are limited. Games created in this probably would have the same quality as classic RPGs on the NES. It has sound support by using QMIDI and is released under the GNU General Public License with source included. I'm planning on every new release being every six months. (Added: August 3, 2006 by Kierra Entertainment)
Rating: ( 2.62/10 | Votes: 263 ) Rate:
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Download: Kgiv1.0.zip ( 0 KB )

QuestKit, Beta v.1.1 Mario LaRosa, aka... Nemesis Homepage: http://members.aol.com/esmembernemesis
Description: Modify the engine by changing variables in the .BAS file,
in the main sub at... ::: User-Defined Variables :::
Also, modify the Map, Tiles, Sprites, Fonts, and Palette,
etc... using a sprite editor that supports the standard QB,
GET/PUT format,(like Pixel Plus 256). (Added: September 22, 2004 by Nemesis)
Rating: ( 2.04/10 | Votes: 131 ) Rate:
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Download: QuestKit.zip ( 0 KB )

RayCaster2 Z. Rodriguez
Description: A 3D Ray-Caster made possible by Joe King's Tutorials(Found under Graphics in the tutorials Page).
Left:Turn Left
Right:Turn Right
End:Strafe left
Page Down:Strafe Right (Added: August 3, 2006 by Z. Rodriguez)
Rating: ( 2.49/10 | Votes: 255 ) Rate:
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Download: RayCaster2.zip ( 0 KB )

RPGe QbProgger Homepage: http://www.adoptacoder.com
Description: Old RPG engine back when tile by tile rendering was acceptable. Sound that works in XP (neat), pure mode 13 rendering, and more pointless features. Mostly put up on here for educational value. INCLUDES SOURCE. (Added: June 2, 2005 by QbProgger)
Rating: ( 1.83/10 | Votes: 118 ) Rate:
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Download: rpge.zip ( 0 KB )

RPGMenu Halifax
Description: This is the outline for my menu system. Since Im not very good with graphics so this will be the heart of my game.
For stuff like the item lists there will be page-scrolling lists with the selected item being outlined with a box. (Added: February 6, 2005 by Halifax)
Rating: ( 2.17/10 | Votes: 126 ) Rate:
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Download: RPGMENU.txt ( 0 KB )

Scroll2 Z Rodriguez
Description: This is a small tile srolling engine I made in a few minutes. It still has a few bugs(world displayed upside-down(forcing me to invert controlls),character is in the wrong place)
(Added: April 15, 2006 by Z Rodriguez)
Rating: ( 1.89/10 | Votes: 105 ) Rate:
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Download: Scroll2.bas ( 0 KB )

Scroll.bas Z Rodriguez
Description: My third attempt at a scrolling engine.Game Barriers are included, and the viewed area is increased.You can change the looks of the area by altering the data statements under 'Map:'(1:watr,2:grass,3:tree")
(Added: April 15, 2006 by Z Rodriguez)
Rating: ( 2.13/10 | Votes: 103 ) Rate:
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Download: Scroll.bas ( 0 KB )

Simple FreeBASIC p*p scroller Nathan1993
Description: A *very* simple Freebasic pixel by pixel scrolling engine. It does nothing but scroll. Included is a compiled .exe, the source code, and the .bmp's needed for the graphics. Although uncommented, the code is very organized and easy to read. A later "release" may include more comments and be more tutorial-like.

This is my very first p*p engine, and I am very proud. (Added: July 9, 2006 by Nathan1993)
Rating: ( 2.07/10 | Votes: 104 ) Rate:
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Download: fb_pixel_.01.zip ( 0 KB )

Tile Scrolling Demo Christopher Pulley
Description: Tile Scroller But No Ordinary One. Contains Sprite Movement
Independent Of Scroll System, Sprite Masking And Functional
Borders And Boundaries. (Added: June 29, 2005 by Christopher Pulley)
Rating: ( 2.14/10 | Votes: 118 ) Rate:
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Download: scrolleng.zip ( 0 KB )

Umbra Software Pixel Scroller Umbra Software / Apocalypse
Description: A simple pixel by pixel scrolling engine that is meant more as a tutorial for people to learn how to achieve true pixel scrolling in QB. Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 1.6/10 | Votes: 120 ) Rate:
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Download: p1scroll.zip ( 2 KB )

Xeno Engine v1 MA SNART
Description: A revolutionary 3D engine written in QuickBasic, where you control a frog on a rocky mountaintop. Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 2.27/10 | Votes: 139 ) Rate:
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Download: xeno.zip ( 160 KB )

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