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Arrakis Stefan Hendriks
Description: A real-time strategy game in the vein of Warcraft and Starcraft, where you must establish and micromanage a small army that is being invaded by a constant stream of enemies. Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 2.39/10 | Votes: 125 ) Rate:
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Download: arrakis.exe ( 420 KB )

Battleship Dean "The Bean"
Description: This is the classic game of battleship. (Added: June 7, 2006 by Dean "The Bean")
Rating: ( 2.32/10 | Votes: 94 ) Rate:
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Download: battleship.bas ( 0 KB )

Colony EvilBeaver
Description: This is a Sim City clone of sorts, a 'God sim' where you are the creator and ruler of a colony on another planet. Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 2.03/10 | Votes: 105 ) Rate:
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Download: colony.zip ( 49 KB )

Comet Zach Zens
Description: Not that good, but fun. You are the dot on the screen. You must get to the end of the screen. Jump over the holes and get
to the finish. It's not too bad once you try it. (Added: April 11, 2006 by Zach Zens)
Rating: ( 2.60/10 | Votes: 93 ) Rate:
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Download: COMET.bas ( 0 KB )

Confaive Kaswoj Software Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Cockpit/3406/
Description: Confaive is a digital version of that old pen-and-paper game 5-in-a-row where players take turns drawing either Xs or Os on a grid, trying to get five of their sign in a row while blocking their opponent from doing the same. It's a simple but addictive game, and Kaswoj Software has done a splendid job of translating it to QB. This supports one or two players, and sports adjustable difficulty levels with impressive A.I. programming. Try to beat the computer on the highest difficulty setting--it's quite a feat, that program is SMART! (Added: June 22, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 1.94/10 | Votes: 102 ) Rate:
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Download: confaive.zip ( 0 KB )

Ethnic War 2.0.e Akos Ivanyi Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/ego/akos/games.htm
Description: "Ethnic War 2.0.e" is a simple, two-player, strategy war game on a 10*10 map.

The basic principle is rather plain:
- You conquer territories, sacrifying your soldiers.
- The territories produce resources for the arming of new soldiers.

To make things a bit more complex, there are some other rules as well:
- All territories have their own ethnic proportions.
- These proportions are changed by ethnic cleansing.
- As long as the cleansing is not totally finished, revolts may occur.

That's all. I hope it's not too difficult.
(Added: October 12, 2004 by Akos Ivanyi)
Rating: ( 1.94/10 | Votes: 103 ) Rate:
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Download: ethnic2e.zip ( 0 KB )

Four In A Row Phillip Perry
Description: A Connect 4 clone, where players face off against the highly-trained master of Connect 4, the computer. Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 1.76/10 | Votes: 107 ) Rate:
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Download: four.zip ( 47 KB )

GNU Tic-tac-toe Pierre Blanc Homepage: http://www.teutoburgo.tk
Description: The classic tic-tac-toe game. Play it against the computer, with 3 different levels. (Added: June 15, 2005 by Pierre Blanc)
Rating: ( 2.12/10 | Votes: 95 ) Rate:
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Download: gnutictactoe.zip ( 0 KB )

Hangman Version 1.0 Zach Zens
Description: One of my first games. There are up to 5 players. You guess the computer's word. There are 4 levels and 400 words. This is
a fun game, you should try it. Also ignore the instructions. (Added: April 11, 2006 by Zach Zens)
Rating: ( 2.13/10 | Votes: 89 ) Rate:
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Download: Hangman.bas ( 0 KB )

Hegemony 3.0.e Akos Ivanyi Homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/ego/akos/games.htm
Description: It is a turn-based strategy game about the hegemonic efforts of medieval empires. To achieve the final goal, the establishment of a perfect hegemony, you must make correct decisions in fields of economics, science, diplomacy, and military. Like in real life, there are several ways leading to success - and also to defeat...
(Added: October 12, 2004 by Akos Ivanyi)
Rating: ( 2.23/10 | Votes: 105 ) Rate:
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Download: hgm30e.zip ( 0 KB )

Monopoly Brian graham
Description: Its bigger, better and more interactive than any other quickbasic monopoly I have seen. see the txt file for more info. (Added: October 12, 2005 by Brian Graham)
Rating: ( 2.58/10 | Votes: 100 ) Rate:
   Comments (4)
Download: monopoly.zip ( 0 KB )

National League Cricket Manager 2006 Alex Beighton
Description: A statistic-based cricket manager game in which you take charge of one of the nineteen National League teams and attempt to bring them success! (Added: October 21, 2005 by Alex Beighton)
Rating: ( 2.37/10 | Votes: 94 ) Rate:
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Download: NLCM 2006.zip ( 0 KB )

PebbleDash Clone Lutas Arts
Description: Search for gems while avoiding falling rocks in this subterranean arcade game! A clone of the NES classic BoulderDash, with gameplay similar in style to "Rodent Revenge" for Windows. Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 1.70/10 | Votes: 101 ) Rate:
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Download: boulder.zip ( 62 KB )

Shoot Zach Zens
Description: This is similar to space. But this time you shoot a block. There are 50 levels. It also has a highscore that doesn't work, but oh well. (Added: April 11, 2006 by Zach Zens)
Rating: ( 2.12/10 | Votes: 85 ) Rate:
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Download: GAME2.bas ( 0 KB )

Simpire Pyrus
Description: You are a warlord who must rule over a city, protecting it from attack, and building up its army and population. Basically a Warcraft clone with graphics ripped from--you guessed it--Warcraft! Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 1.68/10 | Votes: 99 ) Rate:
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Download: simpire.zip ( 20 KB )

Spots BattleCraft99
Description: A game played on a grid of dots, where players take turns drawing a line between dots. If you complete a box, the box becomes yours! Full Review. (Added: July 21, 2004 by Pete)
Rating: ( 1.86/10 | Votes: 100 ) Rate:
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Download: spots.zip ( 14 KB )

SPY D.S (Kaboom code)
Description: SPY is a ASCII rpg/puzzle/shooter. Includes single and multiplayer, random level genorater, level editor, and ability to use modifiers. (Added: April 5, 2005 by D.S )
Rating: ( 1.82/10 | Votes: 99 ) Rate:
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Download: Spy.zip ( 0 KB )

Strategq Nemesis
Description: A Stratego clone...
Although not completed, this build #30
is playable.
(Newer versions will be available soon!) (Added: October 10, 2005 by Mario LaRosa...aka... Nemesis)
Rating: ( 1.71/10 | Votes: 92 ) Rate:
   Comments (101)
Download: Strategq.zip ( 0 KB )

Virtual Pet RBPrograms Homepage: http://www.freewebs.com/rbprograms
Description: Is was Tamigotachi but now has been massivly improved, but please send me suggestions for improvments. Thanks, have fun. (Added: November 16, 2005 by RBP)
Rating: ( 1.83/10 | Votes: 92 ) Rate:
   Comments (1)
Download: VP.zip ( 0 KB )

Warlord Chess Me
Description: Here is a very simple chess program that I wrote back in 1980 for the TRS-80. It was updated to work on PC's. It is not very strong but it does play legal chess and all of the source is commented for others to see.
Bill (Added: May 11, 2006 by Bill Rogers)
Rating: ( 2.05/10 | Votes: 92 ) Rate:
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Download: LORDX1B.bas ( 0 KB )

Zodiac 4.0 Paulunknown
Description: A simple two player strategy game where each control an animal from the Zodiac.

To download right-click and use save as target.
To run drag it to qbasic. (Added: August 27, 2005 by Paulunknown)
Rating: ( 2.39/10 | Votes: 98 ) Rate:
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Download: ZODIAC4.txt ( 0 KB )

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